One Crazy Fan (OCF) was born in 2002 – the baby of a few guys perusing the football stadium parking lots, snapping random pictures of tailgaters before Eagles’ games and posting the photos to their website just for the hell of it. Everyone wanted to log on to see theirs and other crazy fan photos.

Eventually, this ever-growing online presence was taken to the blacktop. In 2004 OCF purchased a used ambulance and created the “Tailgate Rescue Squad,” which was parked in Lot D6 in what was [then] the Wachovia Center. Filled with every imaginable game-day essential including forks, propane, ice, batteries and anything else tailgaters could run out of or forget, the Tailgate Rescue Squad provide these items free to fellow-tailgaters. Needless to say, OCF’s popularity grew.

OCF_TestimonialsSoon after, OCF outgrew their ambulance and traded up for a full size,used Miller Lite delivery truck that became home to the OCF tailgate and fan social networking hub. A little later, the OCF tailgate became host to live broadcasts by the locally popular sports-casting duo, Butz and Butz at every home game. With every OCF growth spurt, their crazy fan following multiplied.

OCF took the show on the road; they hand pick a few away games each season and network with local pub owners in hosting cities to create a pub crawl and tailgate party for Philadelphia fans to create the philly atmosphere giving a home away from home.

OneCrazyFan.com is also one of the few exclusive sites offering Suicide Fantasy Football™ for the die hard FAN-atics. Plus, OCF provides online tickets sales to SOLD OUT upcoming events, whether its sports, concerts or other. You can book OCF for a tailgate, a private corporate parties as well as join one of the hottest social tailgates in the city, We wants to stay in the know about what drives your sports passion. we are the guys you see in the lot as well as in the stands cheering with you. This brand is truely built for the fan by the fans.

With that said, we invite you to stop by often and to keep talking sports and show us your game face.